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Quick Stats- 

Stats: 6’3”; Hair: Dark Brown; Eyes: Blue; Build: Slim/Athletic

Degree: BSc (Hons)

Open to travel


Formerly known professionally as 'Justin Ellis', Justin is an American/British (dual citizen) film, televison and theatre actor.


Casting has been broad & diverse in the many different 'types' of characters Justin has played: Previous Theatre credits include the title roles in The Tragedy of Abraham Lincoln (New York) and Frankenstein (London), George Gibbs in Our Town, Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet, Lord Byron in Bloody Poetry, Tom inThe Water Babies and many more besides. Numerous Independant Film credits include  diverse roles such as a vampire, doctor, 18th Century jailor, homeless person, con man, hit man, detective, Welsh nerd, psychopath, gangster, Dorian Gray & the Devil as well as various heroic,

Actor Justin Ellis-Johnson headshot

romantic 'Leading Men'..


'Prototypes' which Justin has been often likened to by others is either a 'Hugh Jackman', 'Christian Bale'  or a 'young Liam Neeson' type.


To hint at the kind of person Justin can be described as- here are some 'essences' that may help tell you more about who Justin is:

- 'Prince Charming Has Gas Dancing At The Goof-Ball'

-"Mad Scientist Experiments With Perfection"

-"Masterful, Commanding Guru Is A Freaky Hi-Tech Geek"

-"Chivalry, Gallantry & Occasionally, Tyranny"

-"The Vampire King Is A Truth Seeking Yogi Bear Pursuing Self Realization"


Training has been extensive, comprehensive & ongoing extending between London, New York and Los Angeles including classic British theatre training, American method and the Staniskavski system and much more  including but not limited to the 2 year Acting Program at The City Literary Institute combined with workshops at The Actors Centre in London, extensive training with international coach and lifetime member of New York's famous Actors Studio, Jack Waltzer in London, New York & Los Angeles & completing a professional acting training program in New York with British award winning Director John Osborne Hughes in his comprehensive course The Spiritual Psychology of Acting - a uniquely powerful fusion of the system of Stanislavski, cutting-edge psychology and meditation.


Justin's portfolio of work ranges from contemporary to classic genres, from serious, emotionally challenging dramas, to action films and to comedy, including both supporting and leading/principal roles and ensemble work, from classic theatre, to physical off-the wall stage work to feature films & television.


"I am passionate about the work as an artist, committed to creating an outstanding performance & character in sincere service to the story, production & audience at large"- Justin Ellis-Johnson


Justin also went to film school and is trained in cinematography, non linear editing and Directing and is currently in the process of creating some fictional short films as well as building his rapidly expanding aviation themed Youtube channel ... He is also a Portrait/Headshot, Wedding and Aerial Photographer/Videographer (and some of his portfolio can be seen on this site).


Justin is also a  licensed helicopter pilot and is currently working towards his Commerical Pilot's License & after completing can then work as a professional helicopter pilot), between acting projects. He enjoys all aspects of aviation and sharing the joy & magic of flight with others.



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